ECO Platform is an international non-profit association founded in 2013. The ECO Platform is an umbrella organization for EPD programs that participates in governmental and non-governmental initiatives to integrate product sustainability and construction LCA requirements into legislation and norms. Removing trade barriers

The main objective of the association is to promote and contribute to sustainable development, including a low carbon economy and resource efficiency in the construction sector, by coordinating the development and providing reliable and scientifically correct data on products.

Sustain Plan GmbH is a member of the European ECO Platform. Based on the EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards, a European "core EPD" is to be created with a uniform content structure that will be easily recognizable in other countries. Therefore, the quality of the content and the verification rate of EPDs can be positively ensured. For product manufacturers, this removes trade barriers and lowers EPD costs. Environmental indicators can be easily and everywhere connected with the same design and format.

ECO Portal is a new communication network that was created with the aim of transferring EPD or LCA data on a digital platform in the building sector.
By creating this portal, the ECO platform has provided a place to collect and share EPD data, made possible through close cooperation with existing networks and many program operators.
With the ECO Portal, ECO Platform is offering a central access point for users to digital EPD data.
This was made possible by close cooperation with the InData initiative and based on the International Open Database Network (InData). 
The ECO Portal is online, but only as a first version of what is going to be developed to an international connection point for LCA tools or other digital and manual applications.
The data is provided under the license conditions of the individual data providers. The responsibility for their contents and LCA-related results lies with the individual declaration owner.
 The long-term goal is to supply all available and certified data with the ECO logo to give users a good overview of the data available on the market.