About Us
The main activity of Sustain Plan GmbH is consulting and training in the field of sustainability, especially life cycle assessment, carbon footprint calculation, water footprint calculation, sustainable building, and sustainable cities.
In the meantime, cooperation with large and well-known organizations such as "DGNB", "ÖGNI", "Energy Globe Foundation", and "United Cities" has been the driving force for the development of our programs.
The activity area of this company is mostly in the Middle East countries.
The activity in the field of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is one of the activities that started as an ECO EPD Programme Operator in this company with the target scope of the Middle East countries.
By becoming a member of the international Eco-Platform network, an exceptional opportunity has been provided for "Sustain Plan GmbH" to meet the requirements and the official audit of this organization. Also, the possibility of communicating with the leaders of EPD in the membership area of this network to gain experiences and pure knowledge of EPD will be provided.